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Staffed with passionate aviation professionals, many of our team have been involved in the aviation industry for most of their life. Some with over 25 years of aircraft maintenance experience,  making our staff experts in the maintenance for the most popular aircraft models operating in the market across a range of industries.

Backed by market leaders as their service center, you can be assured that we take the quality and safety of our work seriously.

Our clients fly away both satisfied with the service we provide and with full confidence that our work is kept to the highest standard of quality and safety.

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If you require more information on the serves our Part 145 Helicopter Maintenance teams can do, please get in touch with the relevant person for your location. Details below.

Russell Keast

Russell Keast

Branch Manager

Based in North Shore, Auckland

+64 21 860 687

Why Bring Your Aircraft To Us

Why Bring Your Aircraft To Us

Knowledgable Staff

Our highly experienced staff bring with them not only passion but a wealth of knowledge gained from years working in the aviation industry. From general maintenance and repair to complete rebuilds, our team are experts! Working with clients to meet both their requirements and those of the governing civil aviation authorities.

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Certified & Authorised

Our clients can have 100% confidence knowing our facilities are NZCAA Part 145 Certified for full maintenance servicing on the most popular general aviation helicopters in the world such as Bell, MD, Schweizer, Eurocopter, Kawasaki, Roninson and Sikorsky/Schweizer Helicopters. We are also a Service Center for both MD Helicopters and Schweizer.


Add Ons

Not only do we offer comprehensive maintenance solutions but we can meet all your needs without outsourcing. Avionic upgrades, parts sourcing, component overhaul and blade repair are just a few additional services we can do in-house.

Other Capabilities


We have 9 locations ranging from the North Shore to Queenstown, providing access for operators from all areas of the country.

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