CD-155 Engine Upgrade

For A More Sustainable Future

Talk to our team about the benefits of our CD-155 Engine Upgrade available for Cessna 172 or Piper PA28 aircraft. It's the smart, progressive and revenue-building option. Perfect for flight schools.


When powered by Continental Diesel’s CD-155 Turbo Engine, both the Cessna 172 and Piper PA28 aircraft can travel farther and are capable of delivering higher payloads than regular AVGAS powered aircraft. Running on the cheaper and more readily available Jet A1 or Diesel, these upgraded aircraft also benefit from a fuel burn that is up to 38% more efficient than comparable AVGAS engines, offering significant savings to operators.


Don't have a Cessna 172 or Piper PA28 to upgrade? Not to worry, talk to our sales team about what options we have available.

CD-155 Engine Upgrade Brochure

The Benefits

Better for the environment, better for you.

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For more information on all the benefits you will receive by upgrading your aircraft, please talk to Larry Jooste.

Alternatively, if you are interested in purchasing an upgraded aircraft or an aircraft with the goal of upgrading, please speak with Dale James

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Larry Jooste

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Dale James

Dale James

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The Benefits Are Endless

The Benefits Are Endless

Increased Safety Performance

This upgrade comes with a single power lever and a totaliser for power and fuel flow, making this upgrade a great option for flight schools. Increased safety by reducing pilot workload while preparing him/her for the work on airlines. A great benefit to offer students.

Cost Effective Fuel

Running on the more widely available and cheaper fuel option of either Diesel or Jet A1, this engine upgrade immediately provides savings due to the lower cost when compared to AVGAS. Add that to the 38% less fuel consumption you will see with the CD-155 and there really are no downsides to this upgrade.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Not only do these engines run on a cheaper fuel source but they provide a fuel consumption that is up to 38% more efficient.

Increased Performance

While the upgrade brings down the cost of flying, the performance does not decline. Instead, the upgrade will allow you to operate at a higher service ceiling and offers increased endurance.

Fly Quietly

The new MT3 constant speed propeller has a reduced noise register by 20%. Improving the teaching environment of the cockpit.

The Green Choice

The CD-155 engine upgrade achieves 97.5% less CO, 28.5% less CO2 and no lead emissions. Keeping New Zealand green!